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Simple properties file to give the game new things to use with a textures image.(?)




      This idea had been originally posted on http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1319759-132-smp-xtrablocks-extreme-edition-perfect-for-adventure-maps-updated-2892012/page__st__420 (By me), but I tought it was a great idea, so I decided to give it a shot in here.

      Some bits of the original text were change to better fit my Idea in here, But the main idea remains the same. I hope you guys can give it a use.

      Proposed Addition:
      Give modders with no programming/modding knowledge a simple way to do more stuff, like creating new biomes, trees, blocks, items, or armors just by writing about it in a written file. (Like the server.properties, for example.), and making an image with all needed textures to make it (Like the terrain.png from the minecraft.jar) and making the game itself work with them to generate the block/biome/whatever

      Specific Features:
      considering how most people (I believe) from the minecraft community loves how the game is continuously expanding, with new things of all kinds being added to it every now and then, I think it'd be fantastic if its actual creators made a more simple, user-friendly way to give its community a way to mod their favorite game.

      Since this could become a big, and complex (Side-)project, it could be done bit-by-bit (Like the game itself), with new options and ideas being added with community feedback. (or not)

      Anyway, the idea itself is pretty simple, give the game a special properties file to work with it, but very simplified.
      For those with no actual programming knowledge, to be able to use it too.

      First, you would have to make a textures file yourself, like the terrain.png,
      with rows of textures that will give the look of what you want to add to the game. with each row being (Obviously) composed of 16x16 squares, each containing a texture for what you need.

      Then you'd have to run Minecraft.

      Past that step, the game will create a properties that would work with each row of your file. with its entire content being configurable, somewhat like that:

      • Number of rows: 1 (The first thing of all, so the game wouldn't have problems telling apart where a texture ends and the other one begins)

      (Then, after that set, you'd configure what each row would do separately. And all of them would have these following values to be defined, starting by...)

      [Row 1:]

      • Type: Terrain Block (Could be filled with: Block, which is just a simple block using the same texture all over it, Multi Terrain Block, which would be the same as block, but uses a different texture for each face, Cross, for decoration purposes, X, for decoration too and flowers, Liquid, which would make it's row be used for texturing each of its states, like still, flowing, and its particles, for when you dive and breathe in it, or... Tree! which would use the first texture for placing it's sapling around, and the other two for generating its leafs and blocks when fully grown! and the leafs would, consequently, drop again the sapling!
      • Can Glow: False (Could be False, meaning it wouldn't ever glow, True, meaning it would (Obviously), or... Redstone! Meaning it wouldn't glow, until powered by a (Redstone, duh...) signal! : D
      • Parent: Dirt (Sets how it would behave for placement and destruction, Including sounds, destruction speed, and the best tool to gather it!)
      • Removable: True (Defines if it's a bedrock block or not. Simple.)
      • Physics: false (Defines if the block can fall or not)
      • Growth stage: 0 (Only valid if the first value is set to "Tree". Defines how fast it grows... in Minecraft days average perhaps?)
      • Spawns naturally: False(Best one of all I.M.H.O., Defines if it can spawn naturally in your world or not... and how. can be set to False or true, which would form exclusive biomes, made entirely of its blocks, which would lead to the next settings...)
      • Biome formation: false (Makes the terrain formed like the biome written there. but with each block in the row being used to set a layer of the biome, leading to the last setting...)
      • Row Formation: T, U, R, L, F, B (This is for the mod to use, when checking where he'll use each texture in more complex settings. That one for example, broken down would be just:

      Top Surface texture, Bottom (Under) Surface texture, Right Surface texture, Left Surface texture, Front Surface texture, Back Surface texture

      But that example is too simple to show it's utility. So for biomes for example, if a Plains biome were set, it could be used like this:

      GLS, DLS, RLM, (G)Lf, Lg, S

      Which broken down would be:

      Grass Level Simple (First image in the row would be used for generating the first layer, replacing where would the grass blocks be generated with "Simple Blocks")

      , Dirt Level Simple (Second image in the row would be used for generating the second layer, made of, again, Simple Blocks.)

      , Rocks Level Multi (Same as first and second layers, but replacing all stone blocks under that Biome by the one with the next 6 textures in that row, since this level's set there as "Multi")

      , (Glows) Leafs (This next texture would be used to make the leaves from the trees, not many, since it's a plains biome. Also notice how this block-forming texture is set to glow separately, helpful and practical for when you want to make a tree whose leafs glows, but the logs don't. Or perhaps a biome where just the first layer blocks glow...)

      , Logs (Next two images would be used to make the log sides and top/bottom. very simple.)

      See? Useful right? (I'm just wondering how doable it is... Sorry if I'm just being a pain to you guys. :/)

      Spawns: All (Sets what mobs, and types, can spawn in that block, can be set as Monster, Peaceful, None, Or all. Of course useless to set for Monster is it's a glow block. Or is it? Ó.o)

      And that'd be the end of the file. You'd save it, run the game, and MC would do the rest. (Save from naturally spawned stuff, obtainable only through creative, to prevent use/misuse of more unique/OP stuff. Intended for maintaining control on servers. Recipes could be added by another API to make them, but that, I'll leave to be someone else's Idea.)

      So yeah, I'm really sorry if (Any of) this is even doable, Or just a complete and blatant nonsense, But I'm a complete noob to these things, aind I'm not even sure if API is what I think it is.

      But I tought nonetheless it was at least worth a shot.
      Sorry for the huge W.O.T., and hope you all like the Idea. ^^"""




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