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Server based max. world high and chunk sending (world generator API)




      At the moment a grid with a default radius of 10 (for a total of 21x21 or 441 chunks) is loaded around each player and sent to the player by default, although this radius can be configured to be between 3 and 15.

      Proposed Addition:

      World Generator API, to modify max. world high and max. chunk sending

      Specific Features:

      On larger Servers (50+ members) there are many buldings longer than 15 Chunks and you can't see the whole thing. The parameter should have a larger possible number then 15 like 20 or 30.

      Every chunk consists of eight 16x16x16 sections. There should be an parameter to define an number of max. 16x16x16 sections the server send to the client. lower than 8, but more important, higher than 8.

      Justification and Use Case:
      This would open a complete new world for all map designers (realistic high mountains, deep oceans, flying islands...). The worldhigh should depend on the server not on the client!

      Challenges Faced:

      • Sure there is a performance problem if to many sections are send to the client, but if we only send a few sections in a sphere with radius R, it would be possible to add an dynamic high even over 256.
      • Shadow calculations (maybe could be solved by asynchron calculation of the shadows)
      • new save format for chunks(modify version of the current format)

      a good example is the cubic chunk mod:




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