Title: MCAPI Flight API - controlling the flight of players

      Description: Allows for adaptation of flight in the client according to what the server wants.

      Proposed Addition:
      Developers should be able to define parameters of player flight, and should be able to define certain groups with specific parameters
      Specific Features:

      Allow flying regardless of gamemode for authorised players
      Modify flight speed
      Modify maximum height to be able to fly at
      Limit block placement while flying (maybe)
      A GUI for authorized people to change their flight speed.
      Allow flying in the direction of the cursor in Y dimension in addition to X and Z if specified (not sure if my wording is understandable here...)upon authorization. This would allow you to change your height without touching space/shift, just adjusting your mouse pointer.
      Allow no-clipping through blocks for specified people
      Specify players flight priviliges for certain zones defined by coordinates

      Justification and Use Case:
      Some server owners may only want certain people to have certain flight privileges.

      Challenges Faced:
      Some of this may be hard to code. I'm not a big coder myself, so I wouldnt know. Opinions below?

      Is this contained within MCAPI-86 or maybe MCAPI-131? I'm not sure. Those seemed general, and this is more specific.




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