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Allow registering regions with the API




      Proposed Addition:
      Plugins should be able to define named regions and access them later.

      Specific Features:

      • Define a named region.
      • Access regions later using its name or a unique ID, even from another plugin.
      • Regions should be persistent after the game is restarted.
      • Allow plugins to register events that trigger when players enter or leave a defined region. (see MCAPI-9 for events)
      • Allow regions to be open in one or more directions, e.g. a region that goes from bedrock to world height, a region that includes all blocks on y-coordinate 0, a region that includes all blocks that are west from spawn, a region that includes the whole world.

      Justification and Use Case:
      In addition to the possible performance advantages of region-based events over of movement-based events, regions could come with specific permissions once a permission system like that described at MCAPI-11 is in place. In the simplest form, this would allow e.g. for plugins that let world admins manage player-owned regions. Making this a core API feature instead of a plugin would open up further possibilities.

      Challenges Faced:
      Some features may need to be restricted to finite regions, i.e. regions which are only open in the y-axis direction, if at all.




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