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Multiple Block Placing / Click Action




      Bug only occurs when player is moving. Either by control or when moving in water (due to streams pushing player).
      When moving, a single click action (via mouse) sends up to 7 simultaneous actions causing irregular and impossible block placements (Particularly with slabs).
      When opening a door / gate while moving the door or gate reacts multiple times at once.
      When placing water or picking up with a bucket when moving, it places / collects multiple times simultaneously.
      Bug can be best seen when walking towards a bed and clicking on it. "Bed too far away" repeats 7 times in chat window from 1 click.
      This makes block placing incredibly difficult and means that walking backwards whilst placing blocks results in suffocation and eventual death of the player.
      Placing slabs is horrendous as the simultaneous action can result in a slab being placed on the top / bottom of the slab not actually visible to the player. On most occasions at least two slabs are placed.
      When placing slabs from below, a slab will often appear on the top of the slab placed, even though the player was unable to see the connecting hit box.

      This means that door / gate opening, sleeping and block placing must be done whilst standing still to prevent multiple actions making gameplay incredibly slow and boring!




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