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Hopper.minecraft.net search API - allow searching crashes by plugin




      Proposed Addition:
      Plugin developers should be able to access and sort the automatically collected crash report data from hopper.minecraft.net to locate and diagnose bugs with their own plugins and mods.

      Specific Features:

      • Expose the client and server brand in the public section of the crash report, beyond just is vanilla / is not vanilla
      • Search for crash reports with a specific client or server brand, beyond just is vanilla brand / is not vanilla brand
      • Expose a list of installed plugins and mods publicly, in addition to the stacktrace
      • Search for crash reports by installed plugins (both "only this plugin" and "this plugin was in the list of plugins"), preferably in a way that is backwards compatible with Forge's mod list that is already found in crash reports
      • Add a page for filtering crashes, rather than just using undocumented URL parameters (Tyler Kennedy told me a while ago that you could specify a few things in the url such as ?status=open&vanilla&version=1.8, but this is neither documented nor obvious, and a real page for filtering crashes would be helpful)

      Justification and Use Case:
      Given that it is unfortunately inevitable that plugins and mods will cause clients to crash occasionally, there needs to be some way for plugin developers to look at a list of crashes that are (potentially) caused by their plugin so that the issue can be fixed. Being able to filter crash reports to one's own projects would allow for much more efficient bug fixing, rather than waiting for someone to (eventually, if ever) report it to one's own bug tracker. I'm mostly targeting plugins here, but additional searching would also help custom servers and existing forge mods (where crashes are harder to handle and can be more common).

      Challenges Faced (predicted):

      • Since a specific crash could occur with a variety of mods and plugins, displaying the list of plugins for a specific MCX ticket may be difficult since they're merged by stacktrace, not plugins (each reproduction could have a different set of plugins).
      • There's a variety of formats used to list mods in crash reports (forge's, bukkit's, liteloader's, etc) so it may be hard to filter it in an all-encompassing way.




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