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Player Move API



    • Type: New Feature
    • Status: Open
    • Priority: Normal
    • Resolution: Unresolved
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      Proposed Addition:

      • Allow developers to control how the player moves in response to conditions

      Specific Features:

      • Conditions:
        • Motion Initiation:
          • Control input (Pressing a key, moving a joystick, wiggling a wii-mote ...)
            • Forward
            • Reverse
            • Turning
            • Strafing
          • Environmental effects (Flowing water, flowing lava, ?wind?, ?ramp? ...)
        • Motion Change:
          • Block under feet (Ice, soul sand, other ...)
          • Block passing through (Air, open fence gate, open door, water, spiderweb, minecart track ...)
          • Block in hand?
          • Type of boots worn
          • Vehicle (Boat, minecart, pig ...)
      • Parameters:
        • Initial speed (The speed when an initiator first starts affecting player motion)
        • Acceleration (The rate speed changes as the initiator continues to affect player motion)
        • Maximum speed (The maximum speed the player can reach by continued motion initiation)
        • Minimum speed (Only applicable if acceleration causes speed to reduce as the initiator continues)
        • Deceleration (The rate speed changes after the initiator stops affecting player motion)
        • Initial fall rate (If the player can fall, how fast do they fall when they start)
        • Fall acceleration (How much does their fall speed change over time)
        • Maximum fall rate (The fastest a player will fall)
        • Minimum fall rate (Similar to minimum speed)
        • Minimum fall damage (When a player stops falling, what is the minimum damage)
        • Fall damage scaling (How much does damage change based on a player's fall rate)
        • Maximum fall damage (How much damage a player will take if they are falling at the maximum rate)

      Justification and Use Case:
      Giving developers control over player motion opens up a lot of possibilities. Imagine friction-less spleef or a PvP arena where if you wear leather boots you can run really fast, but turn really slowly and coast a lot more when you stop but if you wear iron boots you can't run as fast but you can turn very quickly and stop on a dime. Developers could even go so far as to implement a version of Mario Kart in Minecraft.

      Challenges Faced:
      Allowing control of these physics parameters while maintaining responsive controls.




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