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      While playing Single Player and on Vanilla 1.9 servers using a fairly good PC I am noticing that chunks I am standing on and chunks I walk near load in and out. The render distance on my Minecraft is currently 8 chunks. These chunks are always right next to me and they start loading in and out. I've tried different servers and single player with plain 1.9 installed.

      The chunk issue still occurs. I believe this is with 1.9 as this issue has not occurred in any other version I have played. Yes the worlds I tested and found this chunk issue on were newly generated 1.9 worlds.

      This is a fine example of the chunk lag. This is on a server running Spigot 1.9 with minimum plugins, however this issue does occur in Vanilla as well. (check Attachments)

      I've seen very similar issues and I can assure you this is not a "Graphic driver issue or low on memory or crappy computer."

      Again. I have preformed the same tests running 1.8 and 1.7 and there was no issues with chunks loading in and out while they were next to me.

      Duplicate? I've seen this issue reported already, however the replies to these issues such as a crappy computer are just unfair. I am sure that some reporters do indeed have "crappy computers", however I am running a computer that has run 1.8 and 1.7 in the past with no issues loading in chunks which I am standing in or are directly next to. This does seem like a 1.9 bug.

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