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Chasm is created in village


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      Chasm is created in village

      This randomly occurred today, Tuesday 19th January when I loaded in my Survival world, Alderaan.

      What actually happened was...:
      I loaded in to my world and Half of the Village was gone and replaced by a huge Chasm. when walked on it it was like going through cobwebs whilst constantly shaking. About half way through the Chasm started giving me damage like Void but weaker (1 health every 0.5 Seconds). I made it back and it sound like a Thud when I touched solid land. It was like it was deleted but you could see a random pressure plate of bottom half of a door.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      Just loading into a world does it. It only happens in a village. This happened to a previous Creative world, called Kazadum. Generally occures on the Plains Biome.

      Upon reload it replaces the village. Confusing.

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