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Command Block Arguments Length


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    • Snapshot 13w09a
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      I created the team 'lobby' for a game I am making.
      I typed in this command in a command block:
      /scoreboard teams join lobby @p[-1103,52,450,2]
      I expected this command to add a person who is at the coordinates -1103 52 450 and in a range of 2 to the team lobby.
      I activated this command block and the server kicked everybody on it.
      The screenshot attached shows what showed up on everybody's screen when we were kicked.
      We then could not join and that screen kept on showing up every time we tried to join the server.
      I looked in the server log and it added "@p[-1103,52,450,2]" to the team lobby.
      I deleted the scoreboard.dat and we could join again.
      I ran the command block again and the same thing happened.
      I then tried with the command:
      /scoreboard teams join lobby @p[-1103,52,450]
      This time it added the person closest to those coordinates as I expected.
      This seems to occur every time the @p and all its arguments total up to more than 16 characters and there is no person at the specified location and other then that, it works as intended.
      Even using:
      @p[x=-1103,y=52,z=450,r=2] does not work it only increases the number on the screen when we get kicked from 18 to 26.
      The same happens with:
      /scoreboard teams join lobby @a[c=1,x=-1103,y=52,z=450,r=2]

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