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Mobs entering a cauldron never leave the cauldron


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    • Minecraft 15w49b
    • Minecraft 1.8.8, Minecraft 15w47c
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    • Windows 8.1
      Java 8 update 66
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      In my plugin test world, I had this fairly random -hopper- CAULDRON somewhere, and chickens decided to enter it. They don't seem to be leaving it whatsoever, their AI isn't able to get them out.

      I placed a grass block next to the cauldron to see if they would jump on it, that isn't the case.

      How to reproduce: Put some chickens in a cauldron
      Expected behaviour: Eventually, chickens will path track their way out of the cauldron
      Actual behaviour: The chickens never leave the cauldron

      See screenshot for my example
      I couldn't really find related bugs.

      I tested the behaviour for some other mobs.

      Mobs that do get out of the cauldron:

      • Rabbit

      Mobs which also show the odd behaviour:

      • Silverfish
      • Creeper (Even if I'm in survival and tracked)
      • Skeleton (Same)
      • Zombie ()
      • All other mobs that fit inside the cauldron (I also tested villagers), I guess.

      I tested a zombie attacking a villager stuck in a cauldron, and it was not able to jump on top of the cauldron to get to the villager.

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