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Improving cross-platform CJK IME support



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.8.8, Minecraft 15w43a, Minecraft 1.11, Minecraft 1.11.2, Minecraft 1.12
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      Chatting in Minecraft is an essential feature for rich multiplayer experience. I believe that the core part of Minecraft gameplay is online collaboration with friends and world-wide players. To this end, chatting in our native languages significantly lowers the learning curve for beginners and boosts fun for experienced players.

      In MC-2781, many users from China, Japan, Korea, and a few western countries have reported CJK IME issues and in 15w43a Mojang has applied a "quick" patch that accepts characters generated by operating system IME.
      This "quick" patch is not perfect, however, with the following issues:

      • It works only with Windows. On Mac, the IME behavior is different and inconsistent with different IME plug-ins.
      • It does not disable IME when the chat window is closed, blocking in-game control keys (e.g., WASD) if the user does not explicitly change to English input mode.

      Suggested Complete Solution

      • Send a patch to LWJGL to add a cross-platform IME API like SDL. https://wiki.libsdl.org/Tutorials/TextInput
      • Update LWJGL of Minecraft.
      • Patch Minecraft to:
        • disable IME by default
        • enable IME when the chat window / sign input window opens.
        • disable IME when the chat window / sign input window closes.
        • accept character composition events to actively update texts in the input window for native experience (so-called "on-the-spot" IME)

      This will be a long-term journey because we need to patch both LWJGL and Minecraft whose authorities are different, so I create another issue to clean up long discussions and suggestions in the original issue (MC-2781).
      I think the community users and Mojang should work together to completely resolve this issue.


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