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Constant teleporting between Nether and Overworld


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      On a SMP server, I am stuck in a pair of connected Nether portals. I constantly get teleported between the two dimensions, snapping back to the position of the portals even after moving. I also receive suffocation damage once per teleportation, and the change in the hunger bar and stack size after eating food only becomes visible after a dozen teleportations or so.

      This happened while trying to go from the Nether to the Overworld; going from the Overworld to the Nether seems to work fine. After logging out in the Nether and asking another player (who is apparently not affected) to deactivate the portals, I tried using a different pair of portals, with the same result. I eventually died of the suffocation damage in the Overworld, and after respawning went back to the Nether to collect the part of my inventory that had fallen into the portal. After collecting the items I tried to go back to the Overworld, which triggered the bug again.

      The affected world can be downloaded at http://api.wurstmineberg.de/v2/world/wurstmineberg/backup/latest.tar.gz (the portals in question are those located directly at spawn, marked with yellow and green stained clay).

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Set up a SMP server
      2. Give yourself the materials to build and light a Nether portal
      3. Enter the Nether
      4. Exit the Nether

      May be dependent on network lag.

      Possible cause:

      1. The client spawns in the new dimension, but at the coordinates of the entrance portal (either MC-89928 or closely related). If there happens to be a solid block at these coordinates, the player will receive suffocation damage. If the coordinates are in a lava lake, the player will catch fire.
      2. The position gets corrected to the coordinates of the exit portal, making the server think they just entered this portal.
      3. If they stand in the portal for the usual 4 seconds, they get teleported back. Loading the exit dimension can cause enough lag to make it impossible to exit the portal fast enough.

      Log out and back in while you are in the correct dimension. Note that when doing this you can occasionally find yourself at incorrect coordinates.

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