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hoverEvent changes lighting for displayed block of minecart and end crystal


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    • 19w40a
    • Minecraft 15w41b, Minecraft 15w46a, Minecraft 15w47c, Minecraft 15w50a, Minecraft 16w04a, Minecraft 1.9.2, Minecraft 1.9.3 Pre-Release 2, Minecraft 1.9.3 Pre-Release 3, Minecraft 1.10.2, Minecraft 16w39b, Minecraft 16w39c, Minecraft 1.11, Minecraft 1.12, Minecraft 1.12.1, Minecraft 18w11a
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      The bug

      It seems that whenever the game shows the text of an hoverEvent (caused by /tellraw, hovering over an item in the inventory...) it changes the lighting of entities.

      Affected entities

      • Displayed block of minecarts (darkens)
      • Ender crystal (brightens)

      How to reproduce

      1. Place a minecart displaying a block:
        Example command
        /summon minecart ~ ~1 ~ {DisplayTile:"minecraft:quartz_block",CustomDisplayTile:1b,DisplayOffset:16}
      2. Stand in front of it (South direction; +Z) and look at it (looking North; -Z)
      3. Use the following command and hover over the text:
        Example command
        /tellraw @a {"text":"","extra":[{"text":"Hover over this text","color":"white","hoverEvent":{"action":"show_text","value":"You are hovering over this text"}}]}

        → You should see that the block being displayed darkens when you are hovering over the message.

      Code analysis

      The following is based on a decompiled version of Minecraft 1.9 using MCP 9.24 beta.

      It looks like the method net.minecraft.client.gui.GuiScreen.drawHoveringText(List<String>, int, int) which calls the method net.minecraft.client.renderer.GlStateManager.enableRescaleNormal() is causing this.

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