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Horses disappearing and duplicating in 1.8.8


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      Well, This has been happening for quite awhile now.. I own a realm that me and my buddy's have been playing on for awhile and we have all noticed at least some form of it, Especially me since I have several steeds in my backyard. My backyard is blocked in by trees and cobblestone walls and nothing is getting in or out of there and it does work. The only thing is the front part of the wall is a leaf hedge and occasionally people break a leaf and then it is possible for my animals to escape. I will have a image of my backyard in this thread, Anyways that is when the problems begin.. So lets say if its possible for a horse to escape like when a leaf block is missing (which sometimes happens.) The horse should not have gone far and even if it did I should be able to find it.. Well I cant I search everywhere and do the /tp @e[type=EntityHorse,name=Flash] Timbawolf27 which is the command I typed since my horses name is flash. Nothing happens and I have tested it where I spawn a named horse and do it and it teleported to me. Well it doesn't happen with flash so I am pretty sure he just vanished.. This has also happened with my other horses too and they they will disappear named or not and wearing a saddle and armor too.. Plus sometimes my horses will duplicate and I end up killing the dupe which I have done several times now. But from what I am aware of this will not happen unless the area they are in is now "Open" then thats when they vanish and clone themselves. I am not sure if the pen has to be "Open" for them to clone because I think one time I noticed there was 2 flashes and there was no hole in the pen. One last thing, Also if I lead a animal to a lead and log off then relog back on sometimes the lead will be broken and the animal is standing right by the fence or other times is a distance away from the fence. not sure about it disappearing though. I hope we can get this issue resolved! PS - The first image is when the pen is closed and animals can't get out / or horses cant despawn and the second image is when its open and the horses vanish Thanks - Jimmy

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