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Entity NBT isn't always synchronized with clients immediately, rendering the entity incorrect for a brief moment


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      An alternative description is provided in MC-72774.
      Code analysis by Marcono1234 here in this comment, he narrowed down the apparent issue of this bug.

      Using the new EntityTag feature for custom spawn eggs, I created spawn eggs summoning a Squid with the invisibility potion effect, but while I was demonstrating the "Tags" tag by placing the spawn eggs against a barrierblock, one Squid popped into my face ;_;

      Give-command for a custom squid spawn egg:

      /give @s minecraft:squid_spawn_egg{EntityTag:{Glowing:1b,NoAI:1b,CustomName:'{"text":"Invisible","color":"dark_blue","bold":true,"italic":true,"underlined":true}',active_effects:[{id:invisibility,amplifier:1b,duration:1200,show_particles:1b}]}}

      It seems that the effect is not always (or generally?) applied immediately.
      In current snapshot 20w12a it is visible each single time I use the spawn egg; that has not been always the case, e.g. back in 2015.

      The Squid appears for about 1 tick.

      This seems to generally apply to every changes that you'd summon an entity with, e.g. also Rotation value:

      /summon mooshroom ~ ~1.5 ~ {CustomName:"RandomUUIDCow",CustomNameVisible:1,Rotation:[270f,0f],NoAI:1,Silent:1}

      The summoned Mooshroom needed 2 ticks to get into the 270°-positioning.

      The default position an entity "looks" - including the player in a newly generated world - is always South, and also that Mooshroom in this example looks at South first before it gets turned into the desired position.

      As that's the confirmed case now, the title should be changed, but I'll leave this to the experienced mods to find a title which can describe the totality of the problem }=)

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