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Mobs summoned with ActiveEffects do not get the potion effects unless they are splashed with a thrown potion of that effect



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    • Minecraft 1.8.8, Minecraft 15w35b
    • Minecraft 15w44b
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    • Windows 8.1
      Java Version 8 Update 25
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      I summoned a zombie and used this tag to give it speed from a command block and I truncated the command (since it is slightly too longt) and used it in chat.

      summon Zombie ~ ~1 ~ {ActiveEffects:[



      The zombie spawned without speed, but had the speed particles. I had the zombie chase me. I then splashed the zombie with a swiftness potion and instead of giving the zombie the speed boost of the potion (level I or II) the zombie got speed 21 from the ActiveEffects. The duration from the mob being spawned was how long it lasts.

      I tested this on a zombie and a sheep with various splash speed potions.
      I had the zombie chase villagers as well as myself. I tested various Durations ranging from 400 - 999999, and Amplifiers from 1b to 20b. I also got similar results when I gave a zombie slowness and weakness ActiveEffects and I tossed the corresponding potion at the mob.

      Did I type the command correctly?
      Does anyone else have this issue?




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