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Empty Chunks duplicate one-another and cause weird behaviour


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    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Minecraft 15w35a
    • Minecraft 15w34d
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    • Java Version: 1.8.0_31
      OS: Windows 10 64bit
      CPU: Intel i7
      GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770M
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      In 15w34d, chunks which are empty, yet loaded seem to duplicate one-another if blocks are placed in them.

      Steps to reproduce:

      • Create a new world
      • Enter the End
      • Place blocks starting from the main island outwards until the blocks stop appearing solid and appear as just hitboxes or "ghost blocks".
      • Press F3 and A
      • You'll notice the empty loaded chunks duplicate this new chunk with the ghost blocks. What's even stranger is that these duplicated chunks have solid blocks, so it's not just a rendering glitch.
      • Place blocks in a neighbouring chunk and F3 A again, same thing happens.
      • Relog while in that empty chunk with the ghost blocks
      • You won't be able to move until you are in back on the main island with pregenerated chunks.

      This also happens when you create a void world of just air. Since there are no blocks in any chunks, you will be stuck until a block is placed and you relog. Then once you place blocks outside that chunk, and do F3 and A (or chunks are rendered on their own), you'll get the duplicates again.

      Attached are some screenshots courtesy of myself and LapisDemon.

      I have also attached a crash report. I am unsure if this is related to the problem, but it happened while trying to recreate the above issue. I created a flat world of carpet and broke the carpet to try and get empty chunks. I got the same ghost blocks appearing but this time my game froze and crashed when I came across a generated village.

      I have been informed that this does not occur in the A, B or C snapshots of this week (15w34)

      Hopefully this helps!

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