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Running out of memory when exiting


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    • Minecraft 15w35a
    • Minecraft 15w34d
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    • OS X 10.10.5, Java 1.6.0_65 64-bit (I have Java 8 installed but, well), MBP early-2011.
      1011 MB max allocated memory.
    • Confirmed

      When I launch a world, at first memory usage is normal (18-25 %, 50~% allocated of 1011 MB).
      If I exit the world and then go back, memory usage explodes, going to 80~% with 100% allocated.
      When I try to exit a second time the game goes out of memory, freezes, and most of the time, crashes.

      (This seems to happen only when exiting a specific save then going to any other save.)
      EDIT : Also happens with other saves but less consistently.

      Usually I have more than enough RAM with this 1 GB. That never happened before this snapshot.

      I joined a forced crash log I did with the memory up to about 80% and a copy of the game output after one of the crashes.
      I also put a game save for which the bug happens every time I log out and back in.

        1. 2015-08-21_20.01.42.png
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        2. crash-2015-08-21_19.06.01-client.txt
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        3. Game output - ran out of memory .txt
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        4. latest.log
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        5. Memory runaway.png
          Memory runaway.png
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        6. Test World snapshots.zip
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