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The Enderdragon is incorrect outlined, when it has the Glowing Effect


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    • Minecraft 15w51a
    • Minecraft 15w32c, Minecraft 15w44b
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      The Enderdragon is incorrect outlined, when it has the 'Glowing Effect' (name of effect that the new spectrall arrow gives)

      What I expected to happen was:

      • That the enderdragon whould be outlined normally

      What actually happened was:

      • The dragon it wings will show (outlined) as squares (instead of outline-ing the correct shape of the wing.
      • And the Beam that comes from the EnderCrystal, was outlined as well, so that whould mean that the Beam of the Crystal whould belong to the textures of the Enderdragon.
        (if this texture would get seperated > so won't belong to the texture of the Dragon nor the Crystal < than it whould be a cool thing for mapmakers.)

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Go to the end (seed doesn't matter)
      2. Find the Dragon
      3. Type this command in the chat: /effect @e[type=EnderDragon] minecraft:glowing
      4. You'll see that the Dragon it wings will be incorrect outlined (squares)
      and that the Beam of the EnderCrystal will get outlined as well.
      5. If you cant see the enderdragon clearly, you can summon one without it's AI, so the Dragon will stand completely still. After that repeat step 3.
      6. If you arn't close enough to the EnderCrystals you won't see the beam.

      The Screenshot I've included shows the Bugg

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