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Leaves are not culled in fast mode



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    • Minecraft 16w07a
    • Minecraft 1.8.8, Minecraft 15w31c, Minecraft 15w32a, Minecraft 15w32b, Minecraft 15w32c, Minecraft 15w33a, Minecraft 15w33b, Minecraft 15w33c, Minecraft 15w34a, Minecraft 15w36b, Minecraft 15w36c, Minecraft 15w36d, Minecraft 15w37a, Minecraft 15w38a, Minecraft 15w38b, Minecraft 15w39a, Minecraft 15w39b, Minecraft 15w39c, Minecraft 15w40a, Minecraft 15w40b, Minecraft 15w41b, Minecraft 15w42a, Minecraft 15w43a, Minecraft 15w43c, Minecraft 15w44a, Minecraft 15w44b, Minecraft 15w45a, Minecraft 15w46a, Minecraft 15w47a, Minecraft 15w47b, Minecraft 15w47c, Minecraft 1.8.9, Minecraft 16w02a, Minecraft 16w03a, Minecraft 16w04a, Minecraft 16w05a
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      Even though fast mode leaves don't support transparency, their sides aren't actually culled by being next to other leaves or even opaque blocks, meaning their loss of transparency serves almostno benefit whatsoever.

      This can be seen using spectator mode.

      This is likely a regression caused by "fixing" another bug where leaves were transparent but caused culling.

      EDIT: As it turns out, leaves DO cause fully opaque blocks (like logs) to be culled, but the internal faces of leaves are still being rendered (and opaque blocks don't seem to cull leaves). This means that somewhere (like jungles or huge forests) with lots of leaves does not really benefit from fast mode.

      An easier test to show this is to use an ender pearl to teleport under a tree with a 1-block gap under it. As the attached image shows, you can see a culled log and into the void, but you can see internal leaf faces.




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