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Entities render incorrectly on the first frame after being summoned


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      The bug

      Entities will sometimes render incorrectly on their first frame, probably due to entities not having NBT data until the first tick (or simply not rendering it).
      This has been observed both with common commands

      /summon minecraft:zombie ~ ~ ~ {active_effects:[{duration:-1,amplifier:0b,id:"minecraft:invisibility"}]} 

      and spawn eggs

      /give @s minecraft:squid_spawn_egg{EntityTag:{id:"minecraft:squid",CustomName:"{\"text\":\"column\"}",CustomNameVisible:0b,NoAI:1b,Silent:1b,active_effects:[{duration:-1,amplifier:0b,id:"minecraft:invisibility"}]}} 1 

      Both status effects (specifically, invisibility), and rotation are affected by this problem.

      I believe this causes the commonly seen bug of TNT and fireworks rendering for 1 tick even when they are supposed to explode immediately.

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