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nether quartz stairs to yellow wool


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    • Snapshot 13w02b
    • windows 8 64bit java (jdk installed)
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      in the nether looking for bugs with nether quarts ore i built a portal to leave when i spawned in an ocean far from spawn(in creative mode with keep inventory set to true)i used the /kill command and the nether quarts stair (i only had 1 in my inventory) had turned into a 64 stack of yellow wool

      *What I expected to happen was...: to re spawned with all my items
      i should have re-spawned with all my items

      *What actually happened was...:re spawned with yellow wool
      re spawned with 46 yellow wool

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. go on creative mode
      2. set keep inventory to true
      3. go to nether with inventory matching that of figure 2
      4. return from nether with a different portal with the same inventory
      5. use /kill command
      6. will have the inventory of figure 2

      i dont know the x y z of the spot i used the /kill command

      (failed to reproduce this bug myself)

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