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Realms not saving backups from more than 2 days ago


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    • Minecraft 1.8
    • Minecraft 1.8
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    • Mac OSX, Mavericks, Realms server
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      When trying to restore a backup for my Realms server, I noticed that my backups went back to two days before, and then there was a huge gap, and the next backup was over a month old. I tracked this behavior over a couple weeks, and it has persisted – backups older than 2 days are erased, except for the same three backups that are now a month and a half old. I have attached a screenshot of my backups screen so you can see the problem.

      At this point, if I want to make sure I have a backup from a week ago, I have to download one manually every night. If there was some way to delete those older backups I would, but I have no way to do that.

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