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So I was making a slime block launcher for ender pearls using pistons, a fen anced a pressure plate when I accidentally created a ghost block generator. The ghost blocks block the player but yield nothing when mined and will disappear when right clicked.


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    • Minecraft 14w34d, Minecraft 1.8-pre3, Minecraft 1.8
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      Ghost Block Generator (Using slime blocks)

      *What I expected to happen was...
      have a fence post stop the player from throwing the ender pearl and then you walk forward activating a pressure plate that would pull the fence to the side and push a line of slime blocks up 1 tick later to launch the ender pearl further than usual.

      What actually happened was...:
      The contraption worked (not as well as I had hope though), but every so often (quite infrequently) when I would step on the pressure plate the piston pull the fence to the side would pull the real block away but the slime blocks would pull a ghost version down "duping" the block and then it could be pushed back up and fed into a long line of ghost blocks if the glitch was repeater (this could be achieved with a 3 tick repeater clock).

      Steps to Reproduce:
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      *Not for building "This is all written assuming your always facing the same way for easy of explanation."
      1. Place an upwards facing sticky piston with a slime block on top and a repeater on 2 ticks facing directly into it
      2. Place a block behind the the repeater with a redstone dust on top of it to power the the repeater and add another dust to the left (also on a block)
      3. The redstone of the left should face into a block (place it) with a torch on the back
      4. A sticky piston facing to the right on top of the the torch with what ever block you want to make a ghost duplicate of (must be movable via piston) on the face of the piston
      5. Add a redstone clock to power the the redstone (3 tick repeater facing one way and another 3 tick facing back in a loop (Advise to power the redstone via a block instead of by attaching the repeater)
      6. Send a 1 tick pulse into the clock to start it up and wait, it can take a while before it starts working (it might be caused by lag so keep that in mind)
      *I get an average of 20-30 fps

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