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[SolvedItself] My first ever skin is shown in 1.7.10 but not in 1.6.4


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    • Minecraft 1.8
    • Minecraft 1.7.10
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    • Windows 7 64 bit
      Java: 64bit '1.7.0_51'

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      [UPDATE] So after few days my skin appeared correctly. If U did sth - thank u! If not - I'm happy anyway!

      I have recently made my first skin and uploaded it to my profile.
      I can see it applied in 1.7.10 singleplayer, but in 1.6.4 version singleplayer profile i see myself as Steve.
      Also on a Terrafirmacraft server I'm also Steve.
      I tried to check address minecraft.net/skins/Heptagon_ru.png - it gives like an error about some XML - i.e. like I'm unknown.

      I also tried to edit Steve char.png taken from mojang site (skins/char.png or sth like this) with MS Paint and upload - no result.

      Skins were made with NovaSkin web editor and then tried to resave by MC Skinner web editor. No success with the issue.

      What I expected to happen was that my skin will appear both in singleplayer and multiplayer on both version profiles - 1.7.10 and 1.6.4

      What actually happen was that the skin was shown only in 1.7.10 profile singleplayer (by F5) but not in 1.6.4 vanilla profile sp and 1.6.4 profile with Forge and TFC.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Purchase Minecraft and make a new account.
      2. Make a custom skin by downloading from minecraft.net/skins/char.png and editing it in MS Paint, not touching transparent areas.
      3. Upload it to minecraft net into your profile.
      4. Wait an hour.
      5. Create a profile in the launcher with 1.6.4 version
      6. Create a survival world, enter, press F5 (make sure u are in online mode) - you are Steve

      Thanks in advance and thanks for the great game and all the fish!

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