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Inconsistent ordering of Dark Oak and Acacia Fences and Fence Gates



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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 14w32d
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      The block IDs chosen for the new blocks, Dark Oak Fence, Acacia Fence, Dark Oak Fence Gate, and Acacia Fence Gate cause inconsistent sorting by block ID (i.e., the way blocks are sorted for display in the creative inventory UIs).

      I am having a little trouble putting it into words at the moment, but the issue should be apparent with the following visual representation:

      Let O = oak,    S = spruce, B = birch,
          J = jungle, A = acacia, D = dark oak.
      Planks: OSBJAD
      Log:    OSBJAD
      Stairs: OSBJAD
      Slab:   OSBJAD
      Fence:  OSBJDA
      Gate:   OSBJDA
      Door:   OSBJAD

      Screenshots illustrating this inconsistency are attached. It is most evident in the Redstone tab, and is the first place I took notice of it.

      Will it matter when block IDs are more fully phased out? Probably not. But an easy tweak of a few block IDs before 1.8 is released will keep the Redstone creative tab from looking as stupid, at least.

      Recommended fix (do both of the following):

      1. Swap the block IDs of Dark Oak Fence and Acacia Fence such that Acacia precedes Dark Oak.
      2. Swap the block IDs of Dark Oak Fence Gate and Acacia Fence Gate such that Acacia precedes Dark Oak.


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