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Ocelots do not enter love mode when indicated by emitting hearts continuously


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      Ignore description for now. It's out of date.


      Alternative title:
      Ocelots/Wolves emit hearts when they shouldn't
      Ocelots/Wolves enter 'love mode' (hearts appear) but do not breed
      I'm rewriting this description and renaming the ticket because I've discovered that ocelots are the only mob with truly illogical mechanics. Wolves are a little funky, and I'd prefer a change in breeding food acceptance, but there's nothing wrong with the behavior.

      :: Ocelots ::
      Emit hearts when fed raw fish, whether they are in begging mode or not. This is visually similar to wolves, in that they emit continuous hearts AND they do not breed. Mechanically, they are different. While wolves will be in love mode if they become tame dogs within the time limit, ocelots will NOT be in love mode once they become cats, even though they continue emitting hearts AS IF they are in love mode.

      Once an ocelot is tamed, it immediately becomes a cat, sits, but it still emits hearts. However, you must feed the newly tamed cat ANOTHER raw fish to actually put it in love mode to begin breeding with other cats. This basically proves that fish used for taming and fish used for breeding are treated differently.
      This demands that ocelots be made consistent with wolves, since wolves logically enter love mode when the visuals indicate, even if it is quite confusing at first since they can do this while untamed (and therefore unable to actually breed). The ocelots need to actually enter love mode while emitting their hearts, and let that carry over into their cat state if the timer is still active. Otherwise, if you want to remove all love mode mechanics from untamed mobs, then please also remove the hearts. So, you feed an ocelot a fish, it puffs smoke, and eventually it puffs hearts ONCE, and sits and becomes a cat. The next fish you feed it will actually make it enter love mode. Or something. Please just make the system logical.

      Note: baby ocelots do not have this issue. You can tame baby ocelots and they will not emit hearts until they become tame, and once that happens, it is only a puff, and not continuous. Use this as a baseline for the adult ocelots in terms of logical mechanics.

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