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Grass Block shows a damage value of 0 when tooltips are enabled


    • Confirmed

      Why it's weird: It has no variant thus it should not show a damage value.

      1. Create a creative world (or use an old one)
      2. Press F3+h on Windows only
      3. Open the inventory and is [Grass Block] (#0002/0), but has no variant.
      4. Look at cobble stone, it says [Cobblestone] (#0004) since it has no variant.
      5. /give @p grass 1 1 through /give @p grass 1 15 is missing texture in the inventory.

      It's a minor bug but it's still odd, and I first noticed it in my LP world.
      Here's the story:
      I was harvesting dirt and grass with my silk touch shovel and saw the grass was Grass Block "(#0002/0)". "Wait, did they add grass that doesn't die when blocks are above it? Awesome!" I went to a creative world and checked. "Aw!" I was disappointed. "Missing texture. Must be a bug." And is. This was in 14w30c.

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