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Massive Visual Glitching with VBOs off and Chunk distance over a level the graphics card cannot handle (Caused by outdated AMD drivers)



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    • Status: Resolved
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    • Minecraft 14w29b, Minecraft 14w30c, Minecraft 14w31a, Minecraft 14w32b, Minecraft 14w32d, Minecraft 14w33c, Minecraft 14w34b, Minecraft 14w34d, Minecraft 1.8-pre1, Minecraft 1.8-pre2, Minecraft 1.8-pre3, Minecraft 1.8, Minecraft 1.8.1-pre3
    • Minecraft 14w34a
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    • Windows 7
      Java 7 update 55 (build 1.7.0_55-b13)
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      Update to AMD Catalyst Omega (14.12) (Or later)

      Both drivers can be downloaded here.

      "Pixel format not accelerated"

      If you're receiving this crash after updating to the drivers listed above, then you're experiencing MC-297, and will have to downgrade to the old drivers. Follow the instructions there on how to do so.


      There are multiple workarounds that can fix this issue.

      You can do any of the following listed below. These might've fixed the issue for some, but not all, people who have this bug.

      Turn VBOs ON (Options -> Video Settings -> Use VBOs: ON)
      Turn down render distance to an acceptable setting (where it doesn't produce the glitching)

      Not Recommended:
      Adding -d64 to the JVM arguments for Minecraft
      (Example: -d64 -Xmx4G -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+CMSIncrementalMode -XX:-UseAdaptiveSizePolicy -Xmn128M)
      Assigning more memory (One user has said that they still experience it at about 3.5 GB)

      I am unsure of the exact reproduction, however I was exploring a new area of the current seed I am using (-1421103864573832176) and in the upper right corner unexpected chunks started appearing (Repeating).

      I can provide my save game if you wish (~50 megs uncompressed).

      What I do know:
      Appeared in definitely new chunks; however not in all new chunks.
      All appear to be at the same height . Chunks appear to be all the exact same from outside;
      Definitely not of existing chunks (they are Savanah, however there is no actual Savanah in my world generated yet).
      If I am not 'in' the unusual chunks, it shows the correct biome, and it appears like it is simply generating polygons along a certain line of site (I can sail below and if my view angle is offset enough, the chunks disappear.

      If I am 'in' the unusual chunks, things get weirder:

      • I can only walk a handful of blocks
      • Biomes reported in the logging are very small (in what is otherwise I single chunk may contain 2 or three biomes)
      • The grass, sky, etc. in the weird chunk will reflect the biome stated in logging, not the actual biome, nor the biome that the weird chunk otherwise appears to be.

      My suspicion is it is loading corrupted data. It also wouldn't surprise me if it had some connection to a recent issue I have been seeing where chunks completely fail to generate geometry (I can walk in them fine, however nothing is drawn to screen); or more recently fail to update quickly (e.g. I can mine a few blocks, but it may take a noticable fraction of a second, to several seconds before the change is visually updated).


        1. 14w30c Bugged zombie model.png
          14w30c Bugged zombie model.png
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        10. 2014-08-18_16.11.58.png
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        11. 2014-08-18_20.26.14.png
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        15. 2014-08-29_17.02.42.png
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        16. 2014-08-29_17.02.48.png
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        22. 2014-09-26_18.33.18.png
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        23. 2014-10-25_18.40.00.png
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        24. 2014-10-25_18.40.07.png
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        25. 2014-10-30_14.37.12.png
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        26. crash-2014-08-08_22.14.44-client.txt
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        27. crash-2014-08-10_15.40.39-client.txt
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        28. crash-2014-08-16_20.08.13-client.txt
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        29. crash-2014-08-18_11.39.48-client.txt
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        30. crash-2014-08-18_11.39.48-client.txt
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        31. crash-2014-08-18_16.12.29-client.txt
          10 kB
        32. crash-2014-08-19_09.34.48-client.txt
          32 kB
        33. crash-2014-08-19_09.59.59-client.txt
          9 kB
        34. crash-2014-08-20_16.14.52-client.txt
          4 kB
        35. Crash-2014-08-20_21.26.23-client.txt
          4 kB
        36. crash-2014-08-21_11.33.15-client.txt
          6 kB
        37. crash-2014-08-21_19.03.26-client.txt
          10 kB
        38. crash-2014-08-21_20.02.07-client.txt
          12 kB
        39. crash-2014-08-22_12.55.48-client.txt
          8 kB
        40. crash-2014-08-22_20.28.57-client.txt
          11 kB
        41. crash-2014-08-22_20.57.36-client.txt
          10 kB
        42. crash-2014-08-25_20.58.00-client.txt
          10 kB
        43. crash-2014-08-26_10.12.47-client.txt
          9 kB
        44. crash-2014-08-26_14.24.06-client.txt
          24 kB
        45. crash-2014-08-26_21.02.54-client.txt
          10 kB
        46. crash-2014-08-27_09.03.57-client.txt
          8 kB
        47. crash-2014-08-27_19.48.48-client.txt
          7 kB
        48. crash-2014-08-28_00.03.24-client.txt
          7 kB
        49. crash-2014-09-02_18.07.41-client.txt
          4 kB
        50. crash-2014-09-02_18.44.20-client.txt
          9 kB
        51. crash-2014-09-02_19.45.11-client.txt
          8 kB
        52. crash-2014-09-02_22.36.15-client.txt
          30 kB
        53. crash-2014-09-02_22.46.14-client.txt
          9 kB
        54. crash-2014-09-03_10.59.17-client.txt
          8 kB
        55. crash-2014-09-04_09.17.17-client.txt
          6 kB
        56. crash-2014-09-05_19.08.31-client.txt
          12 kB
        57. crash-2014-09-06_18.41.15-client.txt
          9 kB
        58. crash-2014-09-07_14.31.10-client.txt
          8 kB
        59. crash-2014-09-07_17.19.30-client.txt
          9 kB
        60. crash-2014-09-08_12.36.46-client.txt
          9 kB
        61. crash-2014-09-11_14.13.09-client.txt
          8 kB
        62. crash-2014-09-13_13.20.08-client.txt
          13 kB
        63. crash-2014-09-22_01.16.32-client.txt
          8 kB
        64. crash-2014-10-01_16.47.43-client.txt
          3 kB
        65. crash-2014-10-04_23.37.05-client.txt
          8 kB
        66. crash-2014-10-05_13.51.46-client.txt
          5 kB
        67. crash-2014-10-07_21.31.53-client.txt
          18 kB
        68. crash-2014-10-11_19.32.21-client.txt
          10 kB
        69. crash-2014-10-19_19.24.55-client.txt
          3 kB
        70. crash-2014-10-24_17.47.41-client.txt
          9 kB
        71. crash-2014-10-25_10.58.45-client.txt
          8 kB
        72. GFX driver info.png
          GFX driver info.png
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        73. Glitches galore.png
          Glitches galore.png
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