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"Changing the Mipmap Levels"


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    • Minecraft 14w28a
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    • When with your cursor you change the Mipmap Levels, the Video Settings become white, wasn't happen before and when you log on your world, world is white and green.
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      How to do it :
      -Clic on "Options..." --> "Video Settings..." --> Change your "Mipmap Levels" to OFF --> "Done" --> "Done" --> "Back to game" : the world is normal but then,
      -Clic on "Options..." --> "Video Settings..." --> Change your "Mipmap Levels" to 4 Normally, you have the same menu I have on screenshot #1 --> "Done" --> "Done" --> "Back to game" It does not work any time but, most of time, you have for few sec the same world "green and white" that I have on screenshot #2

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