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Crash upon reloading texture pack.


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    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Snapshot 13w02a
    • Minecraft 1.4.7, Snapshot 13w01b
    • Windows 7 Home Premium, Java 7
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      I was working on my texture pack (It is unpacked). I pressed F3+T to reload the textures (As I was getting them to support 13w01a/b) and it went to a dirt screen and crashed. My Minecraft is not modded (as it is a snapshot and it is hard to find snapshot mods).

      I am unsure if it affects 13w01a/b alone, but in 1.4.6 it did not crash upon pressing F3+T. Could it be because it's an HD (64x) texture pack?

      I attached a crash report.

      Edit: I should also mention that it is a folder one, not a zip.
      Edit 2: THIS HAS BEEN FIXED!

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