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Item Frames Drop as an Item When Not Supported by Block Even When Game Rules Say Not to


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    • Minecraft 14w31a
    • Minecraft 14w26c
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    • Windows 7; Java 7, Update 60
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      I used command blocks to teleport an Item Frame with a Map in it to air. It, as usual, broke and fell into items. However, in this scenario, it shouldn't have, since both gamerules "doTileDrops" and "doMobLoot" were both set to false.
      Picture 1: The Item Frame with Map are supported by block.
      Picture 2: The Item Frame with Map are teleported to air, right before they break.
      Picture 3: They are now broken, but are items, even though the gamerules say they shouldn't.

            TheMoogle Mog (Ryan Holtz)
            SniffiestComa5 Spencer Stith
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