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Chunk errors are very common



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    • Minecraft 14w25a, Minecraft 14w25b
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      I started creating machines on my Redstone World. It's a superflat world, 3 lines of bedrock at the bottm, and on top of it 47 lines of normal quartz blocks, just like I always use in my redstone worlds. Everything was normal. But when I started to go a bit further, I started to saw chunk errors. But not what was always the chunk errors in the game, I mean, a LOT of chunk errors. There were chunk errors everywhere, and whenever I changed my render distance to fix them, other chunk errors started appearing. Sometimes, if you don't build in them, they will look very normal, but if you mine a few blocks down, you'll see a huge chunk error underground, and if you place a few blocks up, some of them will not render, caused by the chunk errors. It seems like the upper chunk errors are starting at y level 64, and the lower chunk errors are starting at y level 47. These chunk errors are really annoying, please fix it, and make less chunk errors!


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