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Shift Left Double-click



    • Bug
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Snapshot 13w02a
    • Snapshot 13w01a
    • OSX 10.5.8
      Java 1.6.0_26-b03-384-9M3425
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      This bug is present in both Creative and Survival, so I selected 'None' on the Game Mode. I hope that was correct.

      Shift Left Double-Click (SLDC) does not seem to work as expected in your personal inventory in a couple cases involving transitioning things between 'active' and 'regular' inventory.

      Simplest replicable version:
      1. Empty your inventory of everything but one 64 cobble stack in active slot 1.
      2. SLDC it and it properly jumps up to your regular inventory.
      3. SLDC it again and be careful to release the mouse button before the shift key.

      You would expect it to end up in active inventory, but instead the stack jumps down to your active slot temporarily, and then back up to the regular slot where you just SLDCd it.

      If on the SLDC in step three you hold the second click, release the shift key, and then release the mouse button, it functions as expected.

      There are many variations of this. If you add a step 1b of spreading the cobble throughout your inventory (with possible further variation of whether you include active inventory in that spread or not), and then try the few variations of releasing shift before or after the mouse button, you get varied results, some of which are correct, but others of which are perhaps not. However, I expect all of these are symptoms of the same bug.

      SLDC seems to work entirely correctly with respect chests and trapped chests.




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