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Enderprearl thrown before death teleports after respawn


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      If you die after throwing an enderpearl in the air and respawn before the enderpearl hits the ground you get teleportet on impact and dont get damaged.

      If you are still dead on impact the deathcam is going to shake as if it tries to teleport to the position of the impact and then gets reset to the deathpoint.

      How to Reproduce:

      0. get yourself a vanilla minecraft version
      1. give yourself an enderpearl
      2. type: /tp ~ 180 ~
      3. throw the enderpearl in the air
      4. wait for your death
      5. click respawn as fast as possible
      6. wait for teleportation (takes about 4 seconds on nonflat maps)

      please keep in mind the attached source-code is a 5 min hotfix in a
      mc forge-environment (forge-1.6.4- that only fixes the teleporting after respawn but not the camerashake

      this bug was experienced in mc 1.6.4 and was tested again in 1.7.5 and was tracked back to snapshot 1.3 (1.2.5 does not have this bug)

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