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cloning trees with decay-able leaves changes the data values on the cloned products leaves


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    • Minecraft 14w21b
    • Minecraft 14w10c
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    • windows 7 64bit
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      If you clone a regularly generated tree that has the normal leaves that can decay, its clone produces a tree whose leaves data values are not the same as the original tree, as if the tree started to decompose slightly while being cloned.

      How to reproduce: Clone a naturally generated tree, then go into mcedit and look at the damage values of the new trees leaves. This prevents you from doing a fill/replace command on the cloned tree to replace all the leaves.

      The clone command im using is /clone 1566 56 1284 1570 61 1288 ~ ~ ~ replace ... but it works with any clone command, on any space, so it isn't the formatting of the command.

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