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Scoreboard does not use UUIDs; scores will be lost by name changes


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    • Minecraft 14w10a, 1.15.2
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      Note: This is not really related to MC-44468; that report precedes the transition from names to UUIDs.

      Although 14w10a changed most of server-side player tracking to use UUIDs instead of display names, the Scoreboard system still uses display names. This means that players will lose their scores on servers and in maps if they change their name.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Create a scoreboard objective,
        scoreboard objectives add Test dummy Test
      2. Give yourself a score in this objective,
        scoreboard players set @p Test 1
      3. Save and Quit
      4. Use an NBT editor to examine the /data/scoreboard.dat of your world
      5. Observe that the "Name" entry in your PlayerScores is your raw display name, not your UUID.

      Although this bug cannot easily be confirmed in-game until name changes are released (which will be after 1.8), it will be too late to fix it by then because the damage will be done.

      Caveat: simply storing a UUID in the name field will cause the sidebar to display UUIDs instead of names. The game will likely need to keep the Name field, and also add a UUID field, unless the server can lookup display names for UUIDs of offline players (which has been mentioned as potentially not possible on Twitter).

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