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Cannot add or set scores of offline or "fake" players


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      The scoreboard subcommands "players set" and "players add" no longer support players who are not online. This results in many quirks, notably including:

      • When the "*" wildcard is used, it will attempt to execute the command on all tracked players, but will fail for players who are offline.
      • "Fake" players can no longer be manipulated. Fake players are a feature supported by Searge of Mojang, as seen when the #HiddenFakeName feature was added (names preceded with a # are not rendered in the sidebar).

      In any case, if a player is not online, attempting to manipulate their score yields the message "That entity cannot be found."

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Create a new scoreboard objective,
        scoreboard objectives create Test dummy Test
      2. Give yourself and another player scores in this objective,
        scoreboard players set <name> Test 100
      3. Have the other player log off
      4. Attempt to modify their score,
        scoreboard players set <name> Test 200
      5. Observe that it fails: "That entity cannot be found."
      6. Attempt to modify everybody's scores,
        scoreboard players set * Test 300
      7. Observe that you receive two messages: one for your score (successfully changed), and one of failure (for the player who is not online)
      8. Attempt to track a fake player, using a feature added in a previous snapshot,
        scoreboard players set #FakePlayer Test 500
      9. Observe that it fails: "That entity cannot be found."

      In previous versions, none of these commands would have failed.

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