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Fishing line casts below the Player



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    • Minecraft 14w10a
    • Minecraft 14w06a, Minecraft 14w06b, Minecraft 14w07a, Minecraft 14w08a
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    • Windows 7, Java 7 Update 51
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      When you cast a fishing rod, the bobber is spawned in the block below you and the fishing line is visually below your stick.
      (You cannot see the line or bobber until you move away from the block you are standing on)

      When I right-clicked the fishing rod, I expected it to cast in it's usual manner.
      What I got was a disappearing bobber.

      How to reproduce: Right click with a fishing rod in your hand while running MC in the newest snapshot.

      Temporary fix:
      Sneak to the edge of the block and cast.
      Swim and cast at the same time.

      UPDATE: 14w06b fixed the "casting too low" bug but the visual bug remains.


      UPDATE 2/16/14: Fishing lines will hook boat while riding them. Has been confirmed in 14w06b (the version it first appeared in) Works while facing any angle. If a fishing rod is cast while riding a boat in creative mode it destroys the boat (no drops) and in survival, this action hooks the boat.

      While riding in a boat and right clicking:
      One expects to cast the fishing rod normally.
      One gets a visual of the line casting normally, but then quickly moving to the boat. A hooked boat can be pulled by Secondary Clicking again with the fishing rod in your selected slot.

      How to reproduce:
      Secondary click a boat to ride it
      Secondary click with a fishing rod to cast it


      Secondary Clicking with a Fishing rod in your hand hooks the block underneath the player or the block underneath the block underneath the player.

      Visual Glitch: Fishing line visually connects below the rod (Where the bobber was before the fix)
      Boat Fishing Glitch: Fishing while riding in a boat hooks the boat.




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