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Scoreboard Objectives Inaccurate in Smelting Objectives


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      What I Did Before the Bug:

      Before the bug actually happened, I have set a scoreboard objective so that a player's "score" will be raised whenever somebody smelted iron, with this command:

      /scoreboard objectives add ironCrafted stat.craftItem.265 Score (Iron Smelted)

      Then, I have displayed it on the sidebar:
      /scoreboard objectives setDisplay sidebar ironCrafted

      What I Expected to Happen:
      When I was smelting iron, I expected the score to raise accordingly to how much iron I have smelted.

      What Really Happened:
      Whenever I take out some iron in bulk (say, I take out a stack of iron ingots from the furnace), my "score" of Iron Smelted increased only by one or two.

      How to Reproduce the Bug:
      1. Use these commands to set up the scoreboard:
      /scoreboard objectives add ironCrafted stat.craftItem.265 Iron Crafted
      /scoreboard objectives setDisplay sidebar ironCrafted

      2. Then, smelt a stack of iron ore. Wait for the majority of it to be smelted.

      3. Take the iron ingots by hand. The scoreboard will only raise by a few.

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