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    • Minecraft 1.7.4
    • Windows 7
      Java u7_45

      16GB PC3-12800
      GTX 760
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      Furnace GUI looks a little off. The overlay for FUEL STATUS seems to be cut short. The GUI Texture holds a 14x14 Box to Overlay active fuel but only uses 14x13 of it (14 Wide, 13 High) resulting in the bottom line of the icon being cut off. I inverted the Overlay Section of the PNG to illustrate. If you look closely, the "Shadow" of the Flame is not inverted on the bottom (14th line).

      Note : Down Graded to 1.7.2 and it is correct there. Also, switch to my Texture Pack and it was also cut off (as I use all 14x14 icon).

        1. 2013-12-11_08.22.46.png
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        2. Furnace Bug.jpg
          Furnace Bug.jpg
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        3. Furnace Bug 2 - Furnace Lit.jpg
          Furnace Bug 2 - Furnace Lit.jpg
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        4. Furnace Bug 2 - Furnace Unlit.jpg
          Furnace Bug 2 - Furnace Unlit.jpg
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        5. Furnace Bug 2 - Texture.jpg
          Furnace Bug 2 - Texture.jpg
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        6. Furnace Bug 2 - Zoom.jpg
          Furnace Bug 2 - Zoom.jpg
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