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Dark borders and outlines with mip-mapping


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    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Minecraft 1.8.7
    • Minecraft 1.7.1, Minecraft 1.7.2, Minecraft 13w48a, Minecraft 13w48b, Minecraft 13w49a, Minecraft 1.7.3
    • Java 1.7.0_45
      OS X 10.9
      nVidia GeForce 320m integrated graphics, 256 shared VM
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      When using mip-mapping, blocks like dead bush and tall grass have a dark outline around them, making them visually unattractive at a distance. This also has a minor effect on cactus.

      The anti-alias used in the image preview nullifies the effect slightly, you may have to try for yourself.

      This may be cause of mip-mapping however, it looks very bad mip-mapping is supposed to smooth textures out at low angles and long distances. Mip-mapping does not do this to other 3D games I play.

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