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World Not Loading, Freezes when 'World Loading'


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    • Minecraft 1.7.2
    • 7u45 Java Version.
      1.7.2 Minecraft (using updated Minecraft Launcher)
      Windows 8
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      I have copied a world over from an old computer to a new computer. The older computer operating system is windows 7. The new computer's operating system is windows 8. The world worked fine on the old computer, however when I tried to play the world on my new computer it stays on the loading screen when I open the world and does not change screen at all.

      When I double click to load the world I wold expect the loading screen to appear, when it is loaded, the loading screen to disappear. After this the world should be playable...

      What actually happened was when I doubled click the world (to open it), the screen goes to 'loading world' and stays there for about 2 minutes. It then resets and then goes to the title screen. Leaving it for about 10 minutes I reopen the world. The loading screen reappears and then, leaving it for about 30minutes, it still shows the title screen. I have left it for about 3 hours and still no world has been loaded...

      To trigger this bug:
      1) Create and play a world on a windows 7 computer
      2) Copy a world over from a windows 7 to windows 8 computer
      3) Play the Selected World (on the windows 8 computer)
      4) Should stay on the loading screen

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