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Chest glitch - Server/Client desync



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    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Snapshot 12w50b
    • Minecraft 1.4.5
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      Cloning to reopen as this is not fixed in 1.4.5, as the animations can still show this same behavior as reported in this ticket, but there is more damages than the animations alone that I feel previous reporters likely missed and didn't understand the 2 were related.

      Better Description
      If a user manages to right click a chest 2 or more times before the server has registered it and sent the user the Container Open packet, the user chest the server thinks the user has open will be the first click, where as the client will think its the second click.

      This causes the server to ignore everything the user does with that chest, so any items pulled out will stay in the chest, and any items put in will stay in players inventory.

      As previously reported, the chest animations get into an inverted state.

      This is 100% reproduceable by simply disabling your internet connection while on SMP, click the chest 2+ times, reenable internet.

      The server will catch up to your packets once your internet reconnects and trigger the issue.

      For players on slower network connections, this happens accidently often, causing lots of confusion on why their items are not where they put them.

      Confirmed in 1.4.5 Vanilla and Craftbukkit. This issue has existed since 1.3.1

      Original Description

      This happens from time to time when playing SMP with a friend on my local minecraft server.

      The chest seems to remain on the open state (regarding the animation) and closes once I rightclick it to view its inventory, so basically it's inverted. The issue doesn't seem to resolve itself after relogging, so it must be a server-side issue.

      It usually happens after playing for a while, after frequently using a chest. Have been able to reproduce this for a few times, so I'll provide a screenshot whenever it happens again.




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