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Endermen, Tamed Wolves and Ocelots cannot teleport when in a Minecart


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    • Minecraft 1.4.5, Minecraft 1.4.6, Minecraft 1.4.7, Snapshot 13w05a, Snapshot 13w09a, Snapshot 13w09b, Snapshot 13w09c, Snapshot 13w10a, Minecraft 1.5, Snapshot 13w11a, Minecraft 1.7.4, Minecraft 14w02c, Minecraft 14w03b, Minecraft 14w04a, Minecraft 14w04b, Minecraft 1.7.10, Minecraft 14w30c, Minecraft 14w31a, Minecraft 14w33c, Minecraft 14w34a, Minecraft 14w34b, Minecraft 14w34c, Minecraft 14w34d, Minecraft 1.8-pre1, Minecraft 1.8
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      Enderman cannot teleport from a minecart (this may be exclusive to moving minecarts, I don't know). This is true even if the enderman is taking damage from water/rain. I think the teleportation sound was playing but the enderman did not leave the cart.

      Not my video, but shows what I am talking about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WI6jWk_ozH8#t=12m00s

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