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upon exiting (shift click) minecart, the range and criteria is drastically off, up to 8 blocks away


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    • Minecraft 13w48b
    • Minecraft 1.6.4, Minecraft 13w42b, Minecraft 1.7.2
    • OS-X
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    • Survival

      Put the summary of the bug you're having here
      upon exiting (shift click) minecart, the range and criteria is drasticallyoff, up to 8 blocks away, and will place you outside of a room which the minecart is in. Bad for Nether travel... Could be linked to another version of this where minecarts fall thru blocks, I wont use them in nether till fixed as I replicated this twice, and the new dismount is placing my charactor way out of the area it used to... This may be related to MC-36482 (minecarts falling out of world)

      *What I expected to happen...
      was to get off the minecart and be inside the hallway,

      **Describe what you thought should happen here
      What I THOUGHT should happen? I THOUGHT I would get out of my minecart as I had done hundreds of times before and be standing next to the cart, only one block adjacent, I expected to be in ANY of the adjacent blocks, ON THE SAME LEVEL AS THE MINECART.
      FIX THIS.

      ***What actually happened was...
      I was placed into a block or outside of the room below the rail, under my bridge, which caused me to fall into lava below. (I was in the Nether)

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. build a standard Nether tunnel for a minecart, (3x3x long as you need) with railway. Disembark area about 6x6 square, or smaller, totally encased walls. (safe area from ghasts) Float room in mid air above lava, to further show the urgency of this problem...
      2. Sit in minecart, shift click to exit, and see what it does. Depending on the direction you are facing inside the minecart, you will be "recreated" in some distant places from the minecart, up to eight blocks away, or fall thru floor, if the engine cannot reason a location for you inside the space alotted for the minecart.
      3. There are some halfslabs nearby to prevent pigmen spawning, but the disembarking area is not halfslabs or obstructed. I have several stops in the Nether, one stop "threw" me outside the covered hall, placing me outside my "safe tunnel"... the other placed me about eight blocks away, and the third placed me under the hallway, or inside of the block, at which point I fell into the lava below. Did I mention the falling into lava part? I fell, into lava, below, with all my garb, and stuff... below- way below the tracks... in a "safe" place... until now.

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