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Boat synchro problems



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Resolution: Duplicate
    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.6.2, Minecraft 13w38c
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      Windows 8 64-bit, Java 7.25 32-bit & 64-bit
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      Note: the reported bug may be related to too much game requirements. However, the only warnings tell about jungles, not oceans. So, the bug may lie in anything else.

      What I expect to happen: the boat should not disperse without reason, when I get off the boat, it should still be usable, and I should stay just where I have got off. When I am sitting in a boat and a save the game, and next reload it from the save, I should still be in the boat, in exactly the same place where I was.

      What actually happened:

      1. My boat was destroyed ca. 50 blocks from the beach, on a full sea. I wonder if it should ever have happened. It had not collided with anything.

      2. I got on the newly made boat just by the shore, and next stop the game. When I restarted it from the save, there was no boat at all (or any item from it), and I was stuck in the sand by the shore, with obviously false Y position. In order to continue, I must have used /tp.

      3. After a not very long journey by sea I floated to shore and got out of the boat (Left Shift). It appeared that I was in water, ca. 30 blocks far from the shore, and the boat was in the right place, i.e. by the shore. I must have swum to the boat.

      4. Then it appeared that the boat was not usable any longer. Clicking it RMB led to nothing. A similar situation happened several times. The complete lack of synchronization of the position of the boat and of the player seems to be a rule.

      5. When I fled out of the place enough fast and enough far, and then returned to the place when the boat is, it appeared it is usable again. But when I waited nearby, the boat disappeared after several minutes, without any resources left.

      6. When I had been on sea on a boat, and saved the game, after loading it I was either on the boat but in a little different place, or in the water out the boat.

      7. Sometimes when I floated on sea near the shore, I felt resistance like if the boat scrubbed the bottom of the sand. The water was deep enough that it should not have happened.

      How to reproduce: just try using a boat, and observe all described effects.

      An idea how to remove the bug: the game should check the internal and the visible position of the player and of the boat.

      Similar effects are not observed when riding a horse. So, using the same algorithm for both the boat and the horse should help.


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