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Fireflies! Seeing fire particles zipping about through the game environment.



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.4.4
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      Windows 7 Prof 64, Java installed (Version 7 Update 9 - 64)
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      I updated to 1.4.4 today and started below ground at a skeleton spawner (in water, washes skeletons to me for XP points). Before leaving there, I fired a few arrows from a Flame 1 bow at one of the skeletons (might be related?) Then, moving though underground tunnels as well as the forest above, day or night, I now see tiny flames whizzing about (individual frames, not complete paths or arcs) randomly through entire environment (far rendering, particles ALL) and extremely fast - dozens per second, varying sizes and distances. There are also torches present, so not certain if they are being reproduced or if the flaming arrows are still being replayed from memory. Gives the effect of fireflies throughout the forests (I like! Please consider adding firefly particles to forests at night, like the tiny particles in the water!) Has continued for the three hours I've played. Logged off, turned off the game, restarted, still there. Logged off, started a different map with prairie and desert biomes, same result, so is part of the game/memory, not any particular seed. Have not tried restarting the computer to dump RAM (will loose this online email form). Sorry I don't have any more specific info. - Wait, I tried one more thing before sending this: setting Particles to Minimal stopped it. Particles to Decreased or All brought them back, so it seems to be a PARTICLE ISSUE.


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