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Component-Modified Saddles get their components wiped when dispensed onto a horse, mule, or camel.


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      This is different than pigs and striders getting their saddle's data wiped, since horses, mules, and camels have menus.

      Saddles that are modified (via Item Components) are reverted to non-modified saddles when dispensed onto a tamed horse.

      How to reproduce:

      Step 1: Give yourself a modified saddle using commands (or just rename a saddle.)
      (Command is just an example)

      Step 2: Put the modified saddle in a dispenser.

      Step 3: Send a Redstone signal to the dispenser, dispensing the saddle onto the tamed horse

      Step 4: Inspect the horse's inventory. The saddle has been reverted.

      (This also happens to mules and camels)

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